Upcoming Webinar: Energy Harvesting for IoT Devices: From Idea to Reality [Animal Tracking] November 26, 11AM CET

More and more consumers and industries crave for IoT devices that don’t require battery replacement or plug-in re-charging which consumes time and money. That’s why ENERGY HARVESTING is triggering more interest as a solution that allows to recharge IoT devices wirelessly by ambient sources surrounding them. The main benefits are:

– reducing battery replacement cost
– reducing the storage element size
– allowing additional features.

This is an inevitable trend which is setting new standards for the industry. That’s why more companies shift their devices to this breakthrough technology to be competitive and valuable for their consumer.

This joint presentation by e-peas and SODAQ experts in energy harvesting PMIC and Electronics System Integration – will show how Photovoltaic energy harvesting can be implemented.

What we will cover:

– Principle of evaluating the energy balance before design implementation
– SODAQ’s approach to achieving low-power consumption on IoT edge devices and how these concepts came into play in developing the “mOOvement” Cattle Tracker. SODAQ’s low-power philosophy synergized with the e-peas AEM10941 lead to a fully autonomous cattle tracking solution that delivers real-time location data to free-range cattle farmers.


Luc Engrand – EMEA Sales Manager at e-peas
Sarah Houtain – Senior Field Application Engineer
Jan Willem Smeenk – CEO of SODAQ

The recording will be available for registered users but we encourage you to join live to be able to ask questions. Posted on November 12, 2020