SBT3000 Autonomous Power Line
Smart AC Switch Controller

SiliconBrite has created the portfolio of World’s First Smart Autonomous Protection IC Solutions. Varistors and capacitors have served for a long time but can not handle frequent or continuous surges; these traditional components eventually degrade, dry out, and blow up. The SBT3000 is superior solid-state based solution that can control IGBTs, MOSFETs, or a relay by directly monitoring AC line voltages to overcome these inevitable failures. The SBT3000 eliminates 23 different ICs in a single IC

The robust solid-state solution features a unique architecture that automatically detects AC line over and under-voltage conditions and safely isolates the power line from the load until the AC input voltage is within its normal range. The SBT3000 can also be used in conjunction with a varistor to provide superior and unmatched line voltage protection.